Our ability to enjoy good health and a state of overall wellness is central to our ability to enjoy and participate in every other thing that gives life value.  Every Marylander should have access to the resources that foster long-term health and wellbeing, and be part of a healthcare system that is affordable, accessible and provides good quality care.  As your delegate I will work to:

  • Adequately monitor the next phases of the ACA implementation to identify inefficiencies and gaps in service so that problems can be anticipated and addressed at the front end, and unforeseen problems can be quickly corrected.
  • Encourage availability of comprehensive emotional and mental health and addiction treatment services, including better tools for the families of those needing services, identification and appropriate intervention for school-aged children, programs to address the special needs of veterans and the homeless, anger and crisis management training programs, and other proactive supports.
  • Encourage community and school based health centers to connect underserved populations with preventive care and medical treatment.
  • Require substantial wellness and physical education programs in schools and provision of safe community recreational facilities to promote fitness and develop healthy habits.
  • Support programs to eliminate food deserts and improve healthcare quality in communities where services are most compromised.
  • Insist on a Maryland healthcare system that delivers measurable improvement in health outcomes and controls costs.