When it comes to job creation, we should not limit ourselves to one course of action, but must aggressively pursue multiple strategies to grow the economy and address unemployment:

Leveraging Our Strengths — Maryland has established itself among the nation’s leaders and world-class competitors in the Healthcare, Higher Education, Technology, Security and Innovation sectors.  We should explore ways to  grow existing businesses and attract new businesses in these industries and Increase investment in clean energy and Green jobs across Maryland .

Bridging the Skills Gap Across our district, many hard-working people are left outside of the economy, unable to find jobs that match their skills and training. Students are graduating from college with degrees, debt, and limited employment prospects.  Meanwhile, many employers are frustrated by their inability to find local skilled workers to match available positions.  We should encourage and support partnerships between our public school system, higher education and the community of employers to address this gap between jobs available and skills needed.   I support investing in workforce retraining and job placement for mid-career workers impacted by layoffs and job eliminations, and for returning veterans.

Support for Small and Medium Size Businesses — As a small business owner for the last 23 years, I understand both the challenges faced by small and medium sized businesses and the lost opportunities for job creation when they fail.  The needs of large and smaller businesses differ and a one-size fits all approach to economic development misses that point.  I will advocate for fairness, simplicity and predictability in tax and regulatory policy to help businesses plan and grow. I would encourage greater public-private partnerships to increase access to capital for business start-up and expansion. and  support for programs which encourage entrepreneurship and the establishment of businesses in underserved communities.